Saturday, May 16, 2009

You got eight days left...

... to go to this address and vote for "The Far Sight 2.0" in the "2009 Cannonball Awards".

If you don't, the following three items will be cut into pieces and turned into dresses for dolls:

One episcopal cappa magna made of purple wool (hood missing)

One archiepiscopal cappa magna made of purple silk

One cardinalatial cappa magna made of scarlet watered silk (hood missing)

Your choice!


christopher said...

LOL Wow, you're pretty far behind Crescat and Holy Cards, but I voted for you. You're threats remind me of Sancta Sanctis going for the "underappreciated" category, she's pushing HARD for votes and took the lead.

Daniel said...

S'pose that "missing hood" was cut off as a cruel glimpse of things to come, eh? (You got my vote, Leo.)

leo said...

Thanks guys! Don't worry, I'm not pushing for the win. I just want a nice comfy place somewhere in the midfield.

And, yeah, my teddy bear is very fond of the cardinal's outfit I tailored for him from that watered-silk and ermine hood!