Friday, May 29, 2009

In the third part...

... of the far sight's "Cardinal Quiroga Palacios Appreciation Days" I want to offer some photos of my favorite Spanish prelate in the cappa magna (but not the ones you already saw in the "portrait"-posting two days ago).

Again: If you feel like you already saw some of these photos sometime somewhere on "the far sight", you are right. I just collect them again here for easier access.

I only have this one photo showing Quiroga Palacios in the archiepiscopal cappa magna:

The rest is all watered silk (sepia, b/w and one color):


Ron said...

wow, what an awesome blog!

the cardinal really looks like he was born to wear the cappa! he looks like what a prince of the church should look like.

quick observation with the 4th and 5th photos though, i thought only cardinals had the right to wear the mantelletta with the mozzetta? the only bishops i know that have that right were bishop assistants to the pontifical throne.

leo said...

Thanks for the kind words, Ron!

You're right: Quirogas Palacios seems to be a "natural born purpurado".

As far as the mantelletta goes: It was quite common in Spain for all bishops, both diocesan and titular, to vest with mantelletta and mozzetta. The Spanish bisophs did quite a lot of things differently. See this post and its comments for more information.