Friday, May 22, 2009

Random obscure photo week (VIII)

To wrap up the "Random obscure Photo"-week, here is a photo from a place that looks very much like Lourdes. However, I have no idea who the prelate is.


Dale said...

wow! great wrap up!

people must have really loved buying carpets back then. i wonder to what extent of space those carpets covered!

love seeing the watered silk cassock of a cardinal though (im sorry i cant name him too, the face is too hard to distinguish)

can i borrow some of your pictures too for a group discussion?

thanks and keep it up Far Sight!

leo said...

Yes, "The Far Sight"-photos are up for grabs.

Linking to my blog would be nice, in case you post the photos somewhere...

Anonymous said...

It looks like a dated picture of Marcel Lefebvre