Wednesday, May 27, 2009

THANKS ! ! !

Guys, you did it!

You saved the cappae!

I just went online a couple of hours ago to show those crazy French guys the result of the vote. First they were happy to see that my blog made it to the third place (with 16% of the votes). But then they concluded from taking a look at the other blogs that my blog is not about promoting revolutionary activities at all. So they wanted to go back on the deal.

They said: "Hey, we don't have to stay true to what we said! We are French revolutionaries! We say 'Liberty' and lock people up. We say 'Equality' and bring the unwashed masses to power while driving the cultivated and educated estates into exile or death. We say 'Fraternity' and kill everybody who looks the least bit suspicious."

They waved their weapons and started to go for the cappae when all of a sudden their time machine misfired. A bright light emanated from the device and engulfed the weirdos. A loud "whoosh" was heard and they were gone! And that was that.

So: Thanks for showing your support not only for my blog but also for all the cappae in the world! You really made a difference! Finally a field in which "Yes we can!" really applies!

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